Singlepin is a reaction, a real life icon. A talking point and a status symbol. Singlepin is a revolutionary new concept, it is the absolute alternative to online dating and a symbol of real life connection. By wearing its icon, it empowers and brings the magic of face to face connection back into the real world. Singlepin is unisex, smart and sophisticated.
A sterling silver jewelled icon in Amethyst or Onyx for men & women. Simply pin it to your coat, lapel, dress, shirt, bag or any clothing. Once pinned, it acts as a beacon and connector to those in the know. When you see Singlepin on others, you know they are part of the growing offline dating community.


Where has the real-life connection gone? Is face-to-face connection becoming a thing of the past?
How has society shifted in such a short space of time?
Is this the afterbirth of the digital revolution?
Who is challenging it? And does anyone realise there is no chemistry online, the one element that magnetises people and makes them click!
Singlepin is an alternative to online dating, a revolutionary new concept. It brings connection back into the real world. An empowering status symbol for men & women.


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"Could the Singlepin bring dating back into the real world?".

"Singlepin acts as a bridge, a link and a good excuse to start up a conversation. It’s a connector."

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"It’s a good talking point and if I saw a guy wearing one, I would talk to him… After all it could pin down the man of my dreams".

Charlie Lester aka@30dates & founder of the UK Dating Awards

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Laura Yates. UK Dating coach interviews founder of Singlepin.

PODCAST : Let's Talk Heartbreak - Singlepin - Let's Get out there Meeting People in Real Life!

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"Tired of internet dating disappointment? THIS could be the way to find your soulmate."

"Dianne Harris has designed a very simple piece of jewellery to signify whether someone is single or taken."

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“Maybe 2016 could be the year we all decide to opt-in to dating once again….by pinning a badge to our chests and showing the world we’re ready and willing to go on an actual, real-life date. Finally.”

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"One reaction to the ongoing rise of online dating is Singlepin, a new wearable symbol that distinguishes people who favour real-life connections over online interactions.”

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"Singlepin is an innovative new idea designed to get people off their phones and connecting with those around them. London has a huge population of single people looking to make genuine connections with the people around them. Yet meeting new people in London can be really difficult. Singlepin is all about bringing people together and helping you to rediscover the excitement of meeting others face to face."

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"When @getsinglepin started following me this week I jumped over to their site to see what they have to offer. What I saw on offer was quite remarkable. Remarkable for two reasons;

1) The pure simplicity of their product
2) How incredibly beautiful the Singlepin product is."

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JAMES PREECE on Singlepin

james preece"As one of the leading dating coaches in the world, I know just how difficult dating can be.

Everyone works longer and longer hours and we just don’t meet enough new people as previous generations did. Online dating and dating apps can be a wonderful way to overcome this, but they are often very time consuming and they don't work for everyone. Many singles are confused how to meet each other in the real world as they are scared of rejection.

Before the internet, we'd find our partners by starting conversations with people we found attractive. But nowadays we have no way of knowing who to approach. We rush around with our busy lives, putting an invisible bubble around us that might as well say "Leave me Alone, I've got things to do!" For men, it’s incredibly difficult to chat to women, especially if they are out with their friends in a larger group. Women struggle too as they don’t want to make the first move.

That's why I think Singlepin is such a fantastic idea and the perfect solution to this problem. Once you wear it you become part of a secret club where others know you are willing to at least have a friendly chat with them.

It provides an instant icebreaker and talking point and because it's such a stunning piece of jewellery in its own right it really catches people’s attention. It’s small and subtle enough that you can wear it with any outfit, so it goes well in any type of situation.

I've tested Singlepin out with several of my dating coaching clients and the feedback has been great. They loved the idea that they could identify other singles instantly and welcomed the fact that others might come up and say hello. Dating Fads come and go all the time but I truly believe that Singlepin is going to stand the test of time.

It's a lonely world out there and it’s hard to even make new friends. However, this tiny little item can help you make more connections and contacts than any dating app ever will. I’ll be watching with great interest.

If you want to join the revolution and make full use of the opportunities Singlepin can provide, buy yours now!”

James Preece

James Preece is the Dating Guru – the UK’s leading Dating Coach. James has been working in the dating industry for over a decade and has helped 10,000s of people find love. He is one of the most trusted dating experts in the world and appears regularly in the Media. www.jamespreece.com

LAURA YATES on Singlepin

Relationship Coach

Laura Yates

"I love the idea of Singlepin! I think it’s a brilliant way of encouraging people to connect in ‘real life’ as opposed to solely relying on dating apps and sites. The pin immediately establishes something in common and if you wear one, you’re already putting out the vibe that you want to be approached or spoken to so this also eliminates the awkward factor, deliberating too long on how to go about asking if someone is single or a missed opportunity! We’ve become so reliant on dating behind the comfort of a screen that Singlepin is a great way to build a connection and actually communicate in person. It’s far more intentional and will likely lead to more dates actually happening! Plus the pins themselves look chic, sophisticated and understated so keeps the whole thing classy and non-gimmicky”

Laura Yates

Laura Yates is a relationship coach and has had articles featured in the Daily Mail, Reveal, Closer Magazine, FHM, Elite and many others and has appeared on numerous relationship, dating and lifestyle podcasts. http://www.laurayates.org @laurayatesUK

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